Wireless essentially means: -No wires, ie, no cumbersome, troublesome wires between us and our much-loved While it brings increased convenience of not tripping our wires or getting entangled with wires, we often stop & bless the creators of these wonderful technologies for the convenience they have brought into our lives. How heavenly the feeling of walking around white talking, searching channels surfing between web pages or sitting anywhere & still being hooked on the net and surfing our websites.

CLICK-SNAP:-OUT OF THIS EUPHORIA. While wireless spells convenience, it also spells doom. Don’t agree with me: -then considers this scenario, a reality in a not to distant future:

1. A ice cream vendor/kabadiwala/vegetable vendor roaming around in your neighborhood with wireless pick up device can be picking up your wireless signals like passwards, credit card nos. bank acct details updated by you on your convenient wireless mouse, keyboard W-LAN networks.

2. A corporate office using wifi, w-lan, wireless devices could be prone to signals being picked up by a neighboring competitive company eager to know your innermost secrets so while you think wireless transmitted signals are going to your colleague in the neighboring cubicles, they are in fact traveling across walls to your neighboring building

3. A person walks into your office with a small buttonhole camera and casually walks around your office, recording everything the camera sees. A harmless gesture but with potentially disastrous consequences. And before you knew it, the information thus recorded has hit the market & could hurt your product launch; share market etc.

4. A close door meeting for top (for-your eyes-only) staff is in progress and someone secretly dials out a telephone no. on their mobile, and innocently puts the mobile phone on the table and the remote person listens to all your confidential talks/offers /launches etc. talk of electronic eves dropping.

This list of such misdemeanors could be endless and so could be your agonies. Wireless as a 1) Mobile Jammers : – To jam all mobile communication including sms/mms within the area of operation. The system has the capability of jamming all mobiles in CDMA/GSM900/GSM1800, thus ensuring mobile silence.

2) Bluetooth Jammer : All wireless office applications like WIFI/W-LAN Work on a specific frequency while transmitting information to and from wireless devices. The Jammer can be programmed to ensure that the wireless signals remain within the four walls and do not get out to be intercepted by any remote device or reaching neighboring building or to your competition with eyes /ears open.

3) Spy Cam Jammer : Remember ” sting operation “, while people were glad it happened ,it could have a reverse repercussion ,where in a carrier could walk in; record and calmly walk away. A spy cam jammer ensures a spy cam free environment by cutting off the transmitted signals from the camera thus disabling the spy cam totally.

4) Detectors : Have you ever been wary of entering a changing room/trail room /toilet for the fear of a prying spy cam /wireless microphone or any other wireless device spying on you. Not anymore, with a detector you are immediately warned of a wireless recording device so that you can be on your guard. So whether it is a changing room, trial room or a boardroom /conference room /meeting room .you can be forewarned of any snooping wireless device. AND


So, in a nutshell, go wireless but remember the perils it brings along
Be prepared.

Raman Jairath
Telecom Consultant
Wireless Technologies
B-3, Basement, Kailash Colony
New Delhi – 110048 (India)