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Spy Hidden Camera Detector in India

Surveillance has been around since centuries. When military generals planted Spies in enemy Camp; when shrewd businessmen gathered info on competitors when business/life partners started testing the loyalties of their partners.

Leading to today’s situations wherein technology plays an integral part, making it easy for almost anyone to become a Spy on the sky.

Miniature audio/video bugs, capable of unleashing info/personal harm in total contrast to its size. Capable of transmitting live audio/video, or recording in its internal memory; or live stream to smart phone anywhere in the world; or many more arms in its arsenal.


For most corporate, info threat is related to IT, and they end up investing in multiple level firewalls; security update, anti-virus or other software/solutions. But largely forgotten is the “live info” leakage Vs the “passive info(IT/Computer info security)” leakage. Live transmission of audio and/or audio/video conversations, meetings, live(conversations & meetings) could wreak havoc on strategic meetings, conference, tender meetings, share market offerings or even intra-office gossip for that matter.

Keeping the above “Live info leakage threat” in mind, study has shown following vulnerable spots in an organization.

  • Reception/public access areas: any carrier/delivery boy/ technician could walk in and plant any device.
  • Workplace / Staff seating
  • Conference rooms / meeting rooms
  • Sr. Management cabins.
  • Keeping the privacy needs of corporate;business persons;individuals;women in mind, we have undertaken to provide latest state of the art products to detect; Jam and locate such snooping devices.

    We also undertake anti- bugging exercises to locate and isolate any hidden cameras or listening devices(bugs) which may have been planted to compromise your privacy. The main products for anti spy activities are:


    A wide range of wireless RF detectors to detect any unwanted transmission within a 5-10 mtrs distance(depending on the model). The range of wireless RF detectors help you to detect any unwanted wireless RF transmission in your room,office , conference room etc



    -It can accurately detect eavesdropping devices

    – It is equipped With auto-detecting function.

    – Laser detection camera distance of 10cm-10m.

    – Once it detect bugs, it will vibrate.


    -Easy to distinguish analog and digital signal.

    -3 Levels indication.

    – Audible alarm

    – Vibration warning mode.

    – Earphone output

    -Range: Approx. 20 feet.


    – Amazing range from 50 MHz to 6.0 GHz Sweep Function.

    – Visual LED and audio alarm relative signal strength.

    -Volume control knob.

    -Three detect modes: sound, acoustic, and vibration.

    – Built-In Long-Life Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery.

    – Earphone for covert sweeping and verification

    Spy Camera Jammers:

    To prevent any hidden wireless cameras from transmitting your private moments, we offer a choice of spy camera jammers to jam any hidden snooping cameras in your vicinity



    – It can disable almost all types of existing spy cameras working on wireless video, wireless LAN and blue tooth bands.

    – It produces a powerful 900mW radio wave to disturb spy cameras up to a distance of 20 meters and is simple to operate.

    Frequencies: 900 MHz, 1.2Ghz, 2.4Ghz, 802, 11b / g Bluetooth.

    4 antenna mobile cum spycam jammer


    – disable all mobiles and wireless cameras

    – individual ON/OFF switch for jamming control

    – Perfect solution for meeting room.

    -Jamming range is 15-20 meter.

    -Jam 4G/UMTS/3G/CDMA/GSM/PHS/WIFI Bluetooth.

    -24/7 operation can work continuously.

    – works on AC mains as well as battery


    Spy camera Hunter

    when you want to locate and identify any hidden snooping camera ion your vicinity, just switch ON the hunter and immediately locate the hidden camera. This high speed camera frequency scanner scans all frequencies ;looking for any audio/video transmission. The 2.5” screen shows what the camera is watching, thus enabling you to locate the exact location of the hidden camera.






    – protect your privacy

    – watch what the camera is watching

    – locate any/all hidden cameras

    – The 2.5" color TFT screen

    – High resolution monitor display.

    -It scans commonly used Video Frequencies in less than 5  seconds and detect.

    – Detect cameras, up to 500 ft away.

    – Perfect for long range Counter surveillance

    • Full Range Wireless Camera Hunter/Scanner
    • Wide Frequency- 900 MHz to 6.0 GHz.
    • Frequency display/indicator
    • Battery/AC Operation

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